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HI, my name is Randy Buske I'm a mother of two and a grandmother of 4.......Seems I've always been an animal lover...... Since I can remember I was packing something fuzzy around........... Always with that special dog as my life long friend....

When I married I told my then husband to be, don't be surprised if I bring some animals home.... He was pretty mellow as I only had a dog and a cat for many years..... Then when I went to work for my veterinarian it was non stop...... The biggest animal I brought home was a horse......Did not seem to ruffle my husbands feathers and was to my children's delight.....


My first horse Dixie Cup is the dam to my Legion of Merit Half Arabian and Pinto mare Mi-KoKo-Bean++....... Bean produced several Champions of which I have her last Champion daughter MM Klsy Apache...... Who is now the best buddy to my granddaughter Merissa.....
I kind a fell into Poms as my daughter acquired a Pom girl which she bred..... I could not resist I had to have one........ This was my Pockets she was just my traveling companion when I went to the horse shows.......

Now we all know Poms are like chocolates and you can't have just one!

Randy & Bean 1972

Randy & Klsy 1995
Adult Amateur Owner to Ride Half
Arabian Western Pleasure
Region V Top V

Some where in there I managed to fit in a dog show in between my horse shows, which still amazes me as I see a lot of my horse show friends at the dog shows now....

In '94 I acquired Autumn's Tomba La Bamba who later became my first Champion.. Many years have rolled by now.. I've enjoyed showing poms for over 15 years now with several champions with one special one Ch. Randy's Halle Berrie from the Bred by class's in both AKC and CKC...

 I want to take my Bred-By's in the ring.... That has always been my goal as it was when I showed my beautiful Arabian/Pintos in amateur owner to ride.....

I rescued my Labrador girl Koal as a small pup...... She paid me back many times over..... This is Koal and I going High in Trial at the Puyallup shows in 1971 or 1972 ....... Koal went Dog world when she won her CD only competing in 3 shows and getting scores over 195 each time......
I am currently a Member of the American Pom Club..


Please respect my space, do not use photos without permission.

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